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Profil 4: single women , NYC

A single women in new york looking for girly clothes, a new job and her way through the subway. Search profiler: Raphaël Richard, CVFM

This profile is obviously the one of a young lady living in the New York area.

Personnal profile

This person seems addicted to television: first search on BBC america's « Changing rooms ». Second search on « Trading Spaces », a TLC channel broadcast about home decoration. The day after, search on NBC's « Starting over ». New search on april 22nd about talkshow specialist « Montel Williams ».

This women search patterns are characteristic for casual internet users. On march 7th, to get to flushing queens a district inside New York Queens, the lady begins with an exploration search (« subway »). Getting no relevant answer (an itinary), she then asks natural languages questions to AOL search engine « What subway to take to got flushing ny », « What train to flushing queens », « Who to get to flushing queens », « What subway to kissena blvd flushing ny »... answers that keyword centered Google, powering aol.com, is unable to deal with.

This deceiving experience gives place to a two week blackout: the lady thinks about divorcing aol.com. Some even say she may have tried google.com, without knowing the same technology was powering aol.com search engine ;-)

Connexion on New York Times site on march 3rd.

The yougn woman shows interest for dental care. From her first searches, it could be infered that her own teeth is what is at stake: on march 4th, she looks for information about a dental imagery system (« pro-cam intraoral camera3 »). On march 6th, she looks for a medical center (« dental town »). But on may 5th, she looks for a « dental agency ». She even adds a geotargeting keyword ("Westchester county"). She finds a center on which shes looks for additionnal information on may 18th. These are actually professionnal searches.

Consumer profile

Search for a flat computer screen, on april 4th (« flat screen », « computer flat screen »).

Should it have been isolated, a quest for « justice » on march 4th could have been linked to the justice department. But, as it is followed by « justice girls clothes » four minutes later, one can reasonnably conclude the first search was also dealing with the fair trade clothes brand « Justice ».. A few minutes later, the young woman looks for « palisades shopping center ».

On march 23rd, search for a « pollo tropical » restaurant. The keyword appears several times ont the list, which could mean that she finetunes her search parameters or that she goes to the second or third search page, not finding a proper answer on the first result page.

On april 9th, she looks for flight on « Southwest Airlines.com » and « Continental » web sites. Maybe because of high airfares, she considers going there by car. That is why she inquires about « gas price » on may 9th.

Is her boyfriend may mad about boxing. Anyway, she looks for information about world boxing championships in Puerto Rico on may 16th (« campeones mundiales de boxeo de puerto rico »).

Apparently dealing with a false website address « www.confeser.com» that led no results when she typed it in the navigation bar, she types it in aol.com search box, but no relevent site appears. .

Societal profile


Professionnal profile

Thanks to her job searches, we know that she is implied in the dental care industry (« dental statting », « agency work », « dental temporary staffing westchester county ny»...). She apparently is a temporary worker seeking contracts in the New York area



changing rooms 01/03/06 13:04
trading spaces 01/03/06 13:14
goddie proffesional practices 01/03/06 18:16
goodie professional practices 01/03/06 18:17
starting over 02/03/06 12:22
new york times 03/03/06 14:44
pro cam intra oral camera printer 04/03/06 18:49
pro-cam intraoral camera 04/03/06 18:50
flat screen 04/03/06 19:02
computer flat screen 04/03/06 19:03
justice 04/03/06 19:32
justice girls clothes 04/03/06 19:36
palisades shopping center 04/03/06 19:55
dental town 06/03/06 19:36
subway 07/03/06 21:03
what subway to take to go flushing ny 07/03/06 21:05
what train to flushing queens 07/03/06 21:10
146-10 45th avenue flushing 07/03/06 21:13
what train to flushing queens 07/03/06 21:13
who to get to flushing queens 07/03/06 21:14
kissena blvd flushing ny 07/03/06 21:18
what subway to kissena blvd flushing ny 07/03/06 21:19
montel williams free prescription 22/03/06 19:05
pollo tropical 23/03/06 14:44
pollo tropical 23/03/06 14:44
pollo tropical 23/03/06 14:50
www.apple 26/03/06 15:13
discover 28/03/06 21:28
agency work 05/04/06 20:11
dental agency 05/04/06 20:12
dental agency westchester county 05/04/06 20:14
dental staffing 05/04/06 20:18
dental staffing westchester county ny 05/04/06 20:19
dental temporary staffing westchester county ny 05/04/06 20:22
my pc 05/04/06 20:48
southwest air 09/04/06 18:50
continental 09/04/06 18:55
continental 07/05/06 16:00
continental 07/05/06 16:34
gas price 09/05/06 06:08
campeones mundiales de boxeo de puerto rico 16/05/06 17:58
www.confeser.com 18/05/06 07:23
remedy group 22/05/06 21:07







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