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 Search Engines record your keywords and may know more about you than you would expect. They see you through your search profile.

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Profil 1: mature man seeks russian fiancťe, preferably christian
This profile is probably the most disturbing of all as the man launches very unhealthy searches that betrays deep despair. Search profiler: RaphaŽl Richard, CVFM
Profil 2: some company seeks suppliers
This employee searches from her office professionnal and personnal information. Search profiler: RaphaŽl Richard, CVFM
Profil 3: the army veteran with health problems
This profile is very interesting as it provides information about all profile zones (professionnal, individual, etc..). Search profiler: RaphaŽl Richard, CVFM
Profil 4: single women , NYC

A single women in new york looking for girly clothes, a new job and her way through the subway. Search profiler: RaphaŽl Richard, CVFM
Profile 5: Scottsdale, Arizona resident

This profile belongs to a Scottsdale, Arizona, resident. First search: that of a chain restaurant, with franchisees in San Francisco, Dallas, Plano (Texas) et Denver (ę bob steak and chop Ľ)... Search profiler: RaphaŽl Richard, CVFM

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