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Profil 3: the army veteran with health problems PDF Print E-mail
This profile is very interesting as it provides information about all profile zones (professionnal, individual, etc..). Search profiler: Raphaël Richard, CVFM

This internet user profile is interesting for its great variety: the four zone of the search profile are filled with information.

1. Personnal profile

Search of cultural nature on march 4th about a music album "nights of fire" by Benise.

Daily topics (housing, transportation, hygiene...)

On march 30th, he gives a piece of evidence about his geographic location as he is looking for a Florida healthcar agency (« agency healthcare administration florida»).

It may also been infered that one of his children attend courses at University of Georgia, from one of his last searches on may 27th, « Gasports.com », the web site of a sport organization inside Unversity of Georgia, delivering the latest competition results.

Private networks (Family, friends, relationships...)

To visit his mothe living in another stat, he looks for an airline ticket from a first company (www.american airlines.com) on march 13th, then from another « southwest airlines » on march 27th and then from « air canada » on april 27th.

He seeks to get in touch with friend from an early life. To achieve that goal, he types in « email » and « email search ». This email search engine search is more likely to be connected to a friend than to a company: in this case, he would look for the company's website to get into touch with them.

On may 8th, because of the pressure of the cult of beauty in the USA, he conducts the first search for his wife on "breast augmentation" and then on "cosmetic surgeons in tallahassee" where he is likely to be living.

On may 20th, may be for mothers day, he connects to « Bath and body works » website thourhg AOL search engine. But this kind of present seems to common, so he tries to set up a week end at « Grove park inn » on may 23th and then inquires about another place on may 26th (« wingate inn destin florida »).

Center of interest


Exceptionnal events (thefts, accidents


Health (illness, medical treatments, surgical operations...)

To keep in shape, he looks to improve his weight lifting abilities on april 16th (« Free weights ») and for « Fitness training » on april 19th.

To train his spirit, he looks for advices about HG Wells' novel, « The Outline of History » on april 20th.

But the most strinking fact is that he has recurring health problems: on march 4th, he launches a search on Nexium and then on "Relief from pain due to acid reflux disease or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)". After « anal retensive » on march 6th, he tries to find Enzyte, a sexual enhancer on march 25th, then connects to a site dealing with impotence, "Mensfact .org", looks for information about nutrition supplements (« omega 3 », « hyaluronic acid », « prostate supplements », « multivitamins »), health cares for feet, « foot problems » on march 27th. On march 28th, he inquires about a store selling supplements located " 2965 woodside road à Woods" in California. On march 31st, he looks for information about « plantar ligaments ». On april 1st, the man searches for «phase 4 orthotics » .4 days later, he connects to webMD.com, a medical portal. On april 5th, he seeks informaton about « saw pawmetto » effects, a treatment for prostate. The same day, the user think about stimulating hair growth. On april 22nd, may be because of a medical warning, he looks for a information about a molecule implied in high blood pression treatments, « tenormin ». On april 24th, search on "colchicine".

Citizen data (residence, taxes...)


Acts againts the law


Academic background and professionnal training


Intimate sphere (search for partners, online entertainment...)


Consumer profile

It could be inferred that his health problems are linked to a lack of activity, as he considers replacing his big old TV set with a flat screen TV on march 27th (« flat screen tv », then « sony flat screen ») and, at least, he concentrates on « lcd flat screen ». May be because prices or products don't meet his expectations, he waits another month and enters a supplier search « bestbuy.com » and « circuitcity.com », two electronics online stores on may 7th. Still insatisfied, he uses generic explorary keywords such as« flat screen tvs ») and, right after, a targeted search to online distributor « qvc.com » follows. The internet user is already a Dell customer (see his may 18th request for Dell customer service) ignores that Dell sells flat TV screens.

On march 6th, search for Toyota car « fj cruiser ».

His location in Florida is confirmed by a search about « legacy toyota of tallahassee » on may 11th. A few days later, he goes on inquiring about automobile with exploring online manufacturers brand universes (« nissan », then « saturn ») and about his next car insurance prices from an american insurer ("unitrindirect.com").

On saturday april 1st, he conducts other exploration searches such as « bicyle exercise training », followed by interest searches « adjustable height bicycle seats ») and goes on with other interest searches on April 2nd (« bicycle seats »). On april 5th, he realizes a brand oriented interest search (« surfa bikes »), then widdens the search with « specialized bikes ». A week later, new exploration searches reappear (« bicycle trainers », « bicycle clothing ») which eventually turn into an online shopping session integrating other product families (« military vests »). Still looking for outdoor equipment, the shopper looks, on april 23th, for an exercise fitness apparel manufacturer (« rei sports »). On may 1st, he tries to buy «exercise tapes ». Five days later, « weight lifting benches » are his new center of interest. On may 8th, search on "Bowflex", a bodybuilding tool.

Our man then enters the financial arena. On april 13th, he connects to the IRS web site (« irs.gov ») and then looks for investment structures (« investment bankers ») on april 25th.

Societal profile

On March 2nd, first seach about a book dedicated to Islam by Ibn Warraq, « why I am no a muslim ».

Feeling concerned by insecurity in the neighborhood, he looks for « kimber firearms ».

Following a TV broadcast refering to the site that monitors extremist islamic groups, he looks for «jihad watch », on march 8th.

The man shows again his interest for the military arena and milicia universe on april 19th, successively looking for a magazine on arms, « gunsandammomag » and specialized sites (www.freindsofthebordepatrol.com: for friends of the border patrol, a network for "citizens" who helps local authorities to fight illegal immigration (actually, a website broadcasting videos taken by surveillance cameras monitoring the border with Mexico.

His passions for arms sets up another search for hand weapons experts colonel « Jeff cooper ».

Professionnal profile

In order to increase his professionnal value, he looks for « speed reading » courses on march4th.

why i am no a muslim 02/03/06 20:49
nights of fire 04/03/06 18:27
nexium 04/03/06 19:01
speed reading 04/03/06 20:44
speed reading 04/03/06 20:44
kimber firearms 05/03/06 13:18
fj cruiser 06/03/06 11:03
nexium 06/03/06 11:10
nexium 06/03/06 11:21
anal retentive 06/03/06 13:40
jihad watch 08/03/06 11:12
www.frontpage.org 08/03/06 11:47
drudge 13/03/06 13:10
www.american airlines.com 13/03/06 20:34
e mail 15/03/06 10:37
email search 15/03/06 10:55
dr. adrian denese 18/03/06 16:24
fj cruiser 18/03/06 22:14
zyrtec 19/03/06 10:38
yahoo maps 22/03/06 13:36
pilates 23/03/06 15:02
enzyte 25/03/06 13:38
omega 3 25/03/06 14:49
hyaluronic acid 25/03/06 15:06
prostate supplements 25/03/06 15:32
multivitamins 25/03/06 16:54
southwest airlines 27/03/06 11:16
foot problems 27/03/06 12:21
flat screen tv 27/03/06 13:15
sony flat screen 27/03/06 13:28
lcd flat tvs 27/03/06 13:38
good guys 27/03/06 16:36
ww.mensfacts.com 27/03/06 20:57
www.mensfacts.com 27/03/06 20:57
www.globslgsyresurx.com 28/03/06 11:13
2965 woodside road woodside ca 28/03/06 23:59
agency for health care administration florida 30/03/06 16:40
plantar ligaments 31/03/06 13:43
bicycle exercise training 01/04/06 16:50
adjustable height bicycle seats 01/04/06 18:35
adjustable height bicycle seats 01/04/06 18:35
adjustable height bicycle seats 01/04/06 18:54
phase 4 orthotics 01/04/06 19:05
bicycle seats 02/04/06 13:48
webmd 04/04/06 10:42
fj cruiser 04/04/06 14:39
luciferians 05/04/06 12:01
beta sitoseral 05/04/06 13:29
saw pawmetto 05/04/06 13:37
beta sitoserol 05/04/06 13:38
surfa bikes 05/04/06 14:53
specialized bikes 05/04/06 14:54
yahoo maps 12/04/06 14:28
bicycle trainers 13/04/06 13:41
bicycle clothing 13/04/06 13:51
military vests 13/04/06 14:50
irs.gov 13/04/06 14:59
free weights 16/04/06 03:51
free weights 16/04/06 04:01
gunsandammomag 19/04/06 13:56
www.freindsoftheborderpatrol.com 19/04/06 15:13
omwww.freindsof theborderpatrol.com 19/04/06 15:15
fitness training 19/04/06 15:22
the outline of history 20/04/06 15:05
jeff cooper 22/04/06 02:38
tenormin 22/04/06 23:38
rei sports 23/04/06 13:22
colchicine 24/04/06 03:26
indocine 24/04/06 13:26
investment bankers 25/04/06 04:10
attbusiness.net 25/04/06 10:49
enzyte 26/04/06 13:26
enzyte 26/04/06 13:26
air canada 27/04/06 00:02
exercise tapes 01/05/06 13:24
bicycle accessories 02/05/06 02:54
trump institute 02/05/06 14:58
www.bounceeverywhere.com 05/05/06 13:15
weight lifting 06/05/06 18:39
weight lifting benches 06/05/06 18:42
bestbuy.com 07/05/06 13:36
www.circuit city 07/05/06 15:04
flat screen tvs 07/05/06 20:31
qvc.com 07/05/06 20:38
circuit city 07/05/06 20:50
qvc.com 07/05/06 22:00
breast augmentation 08/05/06 09:33
cosmetic surgeons in tallahassee 08/05/06 09:49
cosmetic surgeons in tallahassee 08/05/06 09:49
bowflex 08/05/06 22:00
legacy toyota of tallahassee 11/05/06 13:05
google.com 16/05/06 14:41
microsoft explorer 18/05/06 04:22
dell customer service 18/05/06 14:30
dell customer service 18/05/06 14:32
nissan 19/05/06 06:51
saturn 19/05/06 07:13
unitrindirect.com 19/05/06 10:40
bath and body works 20/05/06 13:59
grove park inn 23/05/06 10:34
symantec 26/05/06 13:48
norton anti virus 26/05/06 13:57
wingate inn destin florida 26/05/06 15:50
www.gasports.com 27/05/06 12:36
www.yahoo.com 27/05/06 12:39
verizon mobile 31/05/06 22:59

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