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Profil 2: some company seeks suppliers PDF Print E-mail
This employee searches from her office professionnal and personnal information. Search profiler: Raphaël Richard, CVFM This profile is that of a company employee as searches deal with suppliers search and personnal center of interests.

This employee starts with a personnal searche, « austin islamic center », and finds the site of Austin Mosquee.

He then looks for information about a prepaid phone card offering good prices on calls to Africa on march, 8th.

This person seems deceived by AOL search engine performance and looks for another « search engine » at 11:05am.  He probably conducts further searches on the one she finds.

To send a parcel, he looks for a site allowing to find post codes. She probaly connects to UPS web site which ranks high for this keyword.

The employee types « www.ctigroup.com » in the search engine box. This is the address of USA leading banking group (Citi Group) with a mispelling. As it does not lead to anything, he types the name of the bank « Citi bank » and identifies citibank.com which appears first. Is it because he was exposed to an ad for one of their services ? Is it because their current banks does not satisfy  his company ? Is it because his company is already customer of this bank and tries to connect to the online banking service for the first time ? All this is possible but we have no further information in his search history to precise his intention regarding the bank.

The company probably want to upgrade its hardware: the following search is "flat screen" at 14:52.

To decrease printing costs, the company searches for a printer ("printing india") on march, 9th.
The keyword appears several times meaning either that the user goes to page 2 ou 3, or that he gets back to the first results page to visit several web sites.

On march 11th, the company extends its supplier search to « promotional item printing egypt ».

On march 15th, the company looks for an Intuit software value added resseler, "intuit point of sale". It apparently generates no result as it is conducted agin on march 17th at 10:05am with a mistake, then at 10:18am with the right with no mistake this time.

The company may be a store or a warehouse as, one hour later, a code bar reader"code scanner wireless" is looked for. Suppliers or product models that have been identified must no match the need: the same search is done again on march 23rd.

On march 28th, three related searches are done successivelyabout "boost mobile", a telecom company, about Kelly Slater, a surfer, who gets sponsorship from the previous company, and about the founder of Boost Australia ("creator of boost Australia").

On march 22th, the search "rental" is too wide: nor is it possible at our level, to exactly determine which kind of product is looked for rental, neither can the searche find what he wants as results will be too general. But, around 15:42, a new sharper search is launched "RV rental".

At 14:41, as the company pinpointed a prowler in the neighborhood, they try to get in touch with New Jersey State Police ("NJ State police").

At 16:59, the company looks for denim shirts, may be as promotional objects. The same search appears in the search history 6 day later on march 28th.

Apparently seeking financial support from organization backing up innovation, the company looks for "OST Office" ans "Passais county Tech"

As the employee remembers partly about Wallmart web site adress, he types it in the search box "www.wall mart ". He is lucky as the search engine presents the right web site.

On march 25th, the marketing department has an idea: giving away free soccer balls with the company logo during the Soccer World Cup. A search for a soccer ball wholesaler is launched.

Ball prices for the forecasted purchase volume must be too high. That is why the company explores other ideas such a printing tshirts again "denim shirts"

The daugther of one employee, who received a poney doll last Christmas, keeps on talking about riding real poneys. That is why he now has to look for « Horse Riding nj ».

The same employee looks for a « used mattress » on march 31st, but this approach will lead nowhere as two months later on may 30th, the looks a new mattress « Sleepy mattress ».
Search for « papa jones » chain restaurant on April 4th afternoon: may be employees missed the sandwich break and looked for a food delivery service.

The internet user finds the address of a goverment web site www.ins.usdoj.gov  on another web site but the address does not work, he decides to type it on April 8th, in AOL search engine. No proper result.

A need of a repair or maintenance service leads the employee to look for a automobile workshop in New Jersey  « motor vehcle services nj », on April 12th.

The employee strong interest for Taekwondo that can spotted on April 18th at 17:46, a search on  « taekwondo championship texas » is followed by a search for « taekwondo uniforms baby » on may 6th, at 12:38.

On may 2nd, the internet user launches a search for an IP address ( 700). An IP address is given to any machine with a permanent connexion to the net and is therefore a pure technical data. So, it usually is not looked for in search engines.  So, we can assume that the internet user may lead an inquiry about this IP address. May be he found this address in an unsollicited email message (spam) and wants to know more about the sender.  But AOL search engine gives no results. The strange thing is that the employees looks for it sereval times later.

The internet user prepares a personnal travel as he looks for « Cuba hotels ».
On may 3rd at 17:27, the company needs « electronic sign ».

He decided on a barbecue party for next sunday, several weeks ago but as he was preparing the grill, he realized it was a bit old. The employee so looks for a « stanless stell charcoal grill ».

He searches in the web site of a leading offline auctions company in New Jersey: www.ajwillnerauctions.com. May be is he looking for a half price denim tshirts lot.

The same day, as he manager is around, he is nervous and make a mistake in the address of  Compusa,  an electronics store « www.compusa.co »

On may 15th, as the previous day barbecue was not a success, he looks for a movie. But what movie is currently worth seeing ? The simplest way is to type « blockbuster » in AOL.

One of his collegue says to him that he is offended by the way a Taekwondo referee acted. That is why he successively launches a search for « Sport authority » and « oympic games taekwondo vidéo » to find the video of the match. He is so upset that he forgets one letter.

On may 15th, in the frame of his work, he looks for a « Cermic medalion » supplier. He will  identify chinese suppliers through search engines like Alibaba.

We witness, with a mere emotion, his first medical search, on may 19th on « Stomach ballon », a technology used to enable overweighted people to rapidly reduce appetite and loose weight. This search may be for him or a relative, as a consequence of repeatly being delivered Papa Jones pizzas...

He connects again on may 20th, to a sport portal « www.sprotsauthority.com » with two spelling mistakes.

Later on during this day, he connects to an ecommerce website  « www.costco.com ».

May be of arab origin, the AOL user is fan of arabic singers such as Sami Yusuf. He searches for one of his hits « hasbi rabi » (« Sami yousef hasbi rabi »). He is likely to be finding this song on youtube.com.
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