What is Search profiling ?

 Search Engines record your keywords and may know more about you than you would expect. They see you through your search profile.

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win Download an Internet user keyword history and search profile him ! Tell us what you discover about his life !

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win Publish your first search profile and win $500 !
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We all know that if someone had access to the list of our requests in search engines, he would discover a lot about our purchase intentions, our hobbies, the place where we live, etc... Search Portals such a Google, AOL or Yahoo do register our personnal searches. 

In the frame of my work as CEO of CVFM, my Paris based webmarketing agency, I have analyzed dozens of profiles from an AOL database containing 20 millions queries sorted by user. I call them "search profiles" as they learn me a lot about the life of each users. I was astonished by the level of accuracy of some of these profiles.

I am convinced that "search profiling" will become a major area of online marketing in the coming years and will affect the way websites communicate with end users.

To demonstrate it, I organize the first "search profiling" contest: you choose a user, analyze its queries and write his search profile.

I publish the best search profiles on this blog (with two links to your web sites) and on the 30th of september, the best search profile will be chosen by our readers and win $500.

Discover the basics of Search Profiling

Search profile your first user

Take part in the contest and win $500 



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